Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unique Solid Neckties and Skinny Ties

A necktie is a narrow & lengthy piece of fabric (silk, cotton, polyester, wool, linen etc.) worn by men under the collar & tied around the neck which hangs loosely. Neckties are an important part of men's clothing, and have played their part since quite some time. Although, neckties became very popular in the 20th century, there is evidence that people of older times also had the same concept and dates back to 210 B.C for the famous Terracotta statues of the army that were made during the reign of China's first emperor, have a neck wear or neckties around them, and in 106 B.C neckties were cloth worn around their neck and knotted like bandannas by the Roman Army.

There are various types of neckties e.g. necktie, cravats, bows, etc... Mostly men wear neckties on formal occasions such as office, office meetings, weddings, etc... and sometimes at parties or as and when the situation demands.The type of necktie worn by an individual also tells a lot about him, as it depends on what kind of necktie is he wearing & on what occasion. Many times there are dress codes in certain parties and occasions which people follow. Imagine someone wearing a bright and colorful necktie to a funeral!!! Shocking, right? Office goers mostly stick to some types of ties like solid neckties and skinny ties as they look very formal and at the same time look good and attractive. There are various designs of neckties that people are often seen wearing e.g. dotted, striped, designer, polka dots, etc...

The fashion statement is generally set by the different actors wearing different kinds of neckties at various events and functions. They get photographed and are on the news, magazines and then there are many fashion critics or writers commenting about what they think the actor looked like, whether that dress, that tie suited them or not.Presently, solid neckties and skinny ties are very much in demand. Especially, due to the fact that almost all the well-known actors have been photographed wearing one, and, due to the fact that they simply look good and are multi-purpose e.g. you can wear the same tie to your office and to a party and no one will think that it's a misfit for the occasion. In fact, people appreciate it. Many people have been doing this in their day to day life and enjoying it.

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