Saturday, January 28, 2012

Magnet Use In Everyday Life

Magnets are quickly being used as a way to add accessories to your look or wardrobe. They are being used to create looks as in fashion nails and to maintain the impression of a look as in magnetic earrings that appear to be earrings for pierced ears. Magnets are even being used for more useful purposes such as working as closures for clothing especially kids clothing, making it easier for them to participate in dressing themselves at a younger age. All in all magnets are in fashion and so are the looks they are making possible for the many that use them.

For those who love the look of highly decorated nails, but want to save on the expense of going to a nail salon to get those decorative nails, there's a new product called magnetic nail polish. This product is easy to use. Simply apply a couple of coats of the metallic nail polish and then hold the magnet over the nail while it dries, interesting designs formulate on the nail. Get that salon look with a much smaller investment and change the look easily. With all the other metallic nail polishes on the market, you can always sport a new and exciting look.

Magnets can be used at salons in conjunction with the new gel polishes that last up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling. A gel polish with magnetized elements can be used to create unique designs when a magnet is held over the nail before the polish dries creating eye-catching undulations or movements. The same designs can be created with other magnetized nail polishes.

Earrings have traditionally been either clip-on or pierced. The clip-on styles were clunky to hide the clip and the pierced required a hole be drilled in your ear to secure them. Today, if someone wants the look of pierced ears they can simply put on magnetized earrings. This is a great option for women and men who want that look. Because ears or noses don't have to be pierced, just remove them and go on with your life, no holes needed. Change them readily as more and more magnetic earrings are being created daily. The styles range from studs to hoops, so if there's a look you've wanted to wear, it exists in the form of magnetic earrings.

If you dress a young child or senior, you may be happy to learn there's an option to struggling to keep them still while you button their clothing, magnets. Yes, magnets can be used as closures rather than buttons. Simply buy sewn in miniature magnets and attach them on the back of the overlapping layer of clothing and on the top of the underlying layer. Make sure the magnets are lined up so that the opposite magnets can attract and keep the clothing closed properly. Use this technique for infant clothing too. Don't use magnets if a pacemaker is used by the wearer and use it on clothing you send primarily to the cleaner to safe guard the magnetic properties of the magnets.

Use magnets to beautify and simplify your life. Magnets can add interest to nail d├ęcor, give the pierced look to ears and noses and secure clothing. Check in tomorrow, maybe we'll find yet another use for magnets that changes the way we dress or accessorize our world.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Modern Movado Watches for Her

When it comes to jewelry watches are a great practical way to add some flair to your style and a beautifully styled modern timepiece can take a woman's look from classically elegant to fashionably funky in mere minutes. As one of the leading watchmakers, Movado is known as much for their quality workmanship as they are for their beautiful designs. So, for the ultimate statement in functional wrist bling, check out their collection for styles that will suit even the most discriminating tastes.

Women who favor timepieces in simple, modern, jewelry-like styles will love Movado's Kara Swiss Quartz Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. With a slim bracelet and case enclosing a round face with a matching stainless steel dial, this watch is a wonder of understated beauty. The Kara has sapphire crystal, Swiss Quartz movement and a push/pull crown. It closes with a jewelry clasp and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Another modern watch that is an excellent choice for women who want a slightly fancier style is Movado's Bella Swiss Quartz Black Dial Silver-Tone Watch. Crafted from brilliant stainless steel, this slim, dainty, bracelet style watch has a round crystal-accented face and a stunning black dial for dramatic contrast. Featuring Swiss Quartz movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 100 meters, Movado's Bella Swiss Quartz Black Dial Silver-tone Watch is as durable as it is beautiful, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Women who prefer their watches with a bracelet that is a bit chunkier, but not styled like a scaled down men's watch will adore Movado's Women's Esperanza Baguette Swiss Quartz Bracelet Watch. This modern, sleek timepiece features a thin, rectangular stainless steel case with a black museum dial with silver tone hour and minute hands. The bracelet is also crafted from stainless steel and it has a push/ pull crown and sapphire crystal. The Esperanza also features precise Swiss Quartz movement and closes with a clasp. It is water resistant to 30 meters.

Though daintier bracelet styles of women's watches are quite popular, modernly updated classic watch styles are always top sellers because they are versatile enough to be worn with any type of clothing. One such design is the Movado Women's Black Dial & Bracelet Watch. Reminiscent of a scaled down version of a men's design but with a distinct, rounded feminine flair, this watch features a black dial with Movado's signature dot at the 12 o'clock mark. It is crafted from shimmering stainless steel and has sapphire crystal, a push screw in crown and features precise Swiss Quartz movement.

For a menswear inspired watch that has a square modern shape, the Movado Women's Eliro Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is a fantastic choice. Featuring functional Swiss Quartz movement, durable sapphire crystal and a push / pull crown, the Eliro is a wonder of form and function. Muted brushed stainless steel makes up the bracelet and case of this watch while a rectangular black dial adds contrast to this understated beauty. The Eliro is also water resistant to 30 meters.

Though many of the current women's watch styles feature metal bands, some women prefer the look of the modern, understated leather strap of Movado's Museum Moderna Swiss Quartz Black Leather Strap Watch. Elegant and sophisticated, this timepiece features a brushed gold-tone stainless steel case and back with a black museum dial. The dial also has Movado's brushed gold tone signature concave dot at the 12:00 and matching hour and minute hands. Additional details include a black leather strap with a tang buckle, Swiss Quartz movement, sapphire crystal and a push /pull clasp. The Museum Moderna is also water resistant to 30 meters.

Women who want a watch that more resembles a bracelet than a traditional timepiece will love Movado's Circle Design Bracelet Watch. Unique and modern, this watch features a stainless steel case and a black museum dial with silver tone-hands. The stainless steel bracelet is made of circle designs and is adorned with diamond accents. Movement on this timepiece is Swiss Quartz for precision accuracy, and the sapphire crystal is tough enough for everyday wear and tear. Movado's Circle Design Bracelet Watch is water resistant to 30 meters and features a push / pull crown.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

History of the Maternity Bra

Mary Phelps Jacob was the first person to be granted a patent in the US for a garment which we would recognise today as a bra. This patent was awarded to Jacob in 1913. Two decades later in 1933, the S.H. Camp and Company developed a system whereby breast size could be fit into one of four sizes dependent on the size and degree to which the breast sagged. For convenience, the four sizes were labelled as A, B, C, and D. The 1933 issue of Corset and Underwear Review featured an advertisement by Camp which showed profiles of breasts labelled with these letters. Larger breasts and band sizes greater than 38 were not accommodated.

In 1937, the Warner company also began to feature cup sizing, using the four letter labelling scheme which Camp developed in advertisements for their products. Other companies also began to follow suit in the latter part of the 1930's. However, some companies, particularly the catalogue companies were slower to adopt the scheme, preferring to stick with the small, medium, and large sizes through the 1940's. Britain was also slow to catch on and didn't adopt what was becoming the American standard for cup sizing until the 1950's. Maidenform had been using seamless cups in their bras since 1933 but didn't adopt the use of A, B, C, and D, cup sizes until 1949.

In the 1930's though, other innovations were happening that would revolutionise not just the underwear industry, but the fashion industry in general. For example, the chemists at the Dunlop company successfully demonstrated a reliable way to turn rubber latex into elastic thread. This paved the way for man-made fibres to be incorporated into clothing and due to their easy-care nature they were very quickly adopted.

Bra manufacturers were quick to start using the new man-made materials since underwear, and bras in particular needed very frequent cleaning.

In 1943, Albert A. Glasser received a patent for something called a "nursing brassiere" although little innovation took place in this area of the market even after the baby boom which followed on from World War II. A nursing bra was little more than a conventional bra with an extra clip which released the cup from the strap, thus ceasing the requirement for the bra to be removed when nursing.

There are a number of different manufacturers and retailers selling maternity and nursing bras, some of which are the traditional, larger, underwear manufacturers and some are more specialist maternity wear retailers who make garments designed to accommodate a woman's breast that in some cases can fluctuate a whole cup size within an hour, in line with feeding times.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unique Solid Neckties and Skinny Ties

A necktie is a narrow & lengthy piece of fabric (silk, cotton, polyester, wool, linen etc.) worn by men under the collar & tied around the neck which hangs loosely. Neckties are an important part of men's clothing, and have played their part since quite some time. Although, neckties became very popular in the 20th century, there is evidence that people of older times also had the same concept and dates back to 210 B.C for the famous Terracotta statues of the army that were made during the reign of China's first emperor, have a neck wear or neckties around them, and in 106 B.C neckties were cloth worn around their neck and knotted like bandannas by the Roman Army.

There are various types of neckties e.g. necktie, cravats, bows, etc... Mostly men wear neckties on formal occasions such as office, office meetings, weddings, etc... and sometimes at parties or as and when the situation demands.The type of necktie worn by an individual also tells a lot about him, as it depends on what kind of necktie is he wearing & on what occasion. Many times there are dress codes in certain parties and occasions which people follow. Imagine someone wearing a bright and colorful necktie to a funeral!!! Shocking, right? Office goers mostly stick to some types of ties like solid neckties and skinny ties as they look very formal and at the same time look good and attractive. There are various designs of neckties that people are often seen wearing e.g. dotted, striped, designer, polka dots, etc...

The fashion statement is generally set by the different actors wearing different kinds of neckties at various events and functions. They get photographed and are on the news, magazines and then there are many fashion critics or writers commenting about what they think the actor looked like, whether that dress, that tie suited them or not.Presently, solid neckties and skinny ties are very much in demand. Especially, due to the fact that almost all the well-known actors have been photographed wearing one, and, due to the fact that they simply look good and are multi-purpose e.g. you can wear the same tie to your office and to a party and no one will think that it's a misfit for the occasion. In fact, people appreciate it. Many people have been doing this in their day to day life and enjoying it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Izunami Flat Iron - How It Keeps Your Hair Healthy and Finding the Best Izunami Deals Online

The Izunami Flat Iron features a special tourmaline technology and ceramic plates for a more healthy hair straightening experience. The flat irons straighten hair with minimal damage and lock moisture into the hair shaft creating a shiny sheen.

If you're looking to purchase an Izunami model then you may be interested in finding the best deals on the iron, which are mainly found online. Read on to discover how to buy cheap Izunamis on the web.

Features unique tourmaline technology to keep hair shiny and healthy

The Izunami Flat Iron features a tourmaline technology of negative ions and far-infrared heat which constricts the cuticles to reflect light and create a lustrous sheen. Many cheaper non ceramic hair straighteners will over-heat and damage the hair making it appear dull and dry, but the tourmaline technology of the Izunami reduces hair damage and also helps to control frizz and static. The hair straighteners are perfect for woman who want straight hair without having to worry about overheating and ruining their hair.

Temperature consistent ceramic plates causes less damage to the hair

The hair straightener's special ceramic plate keeps its temperature consistent and evens out heat distribution causing less damage to the hair. The plates also seal in moisture to the hair, making them ideal for women with dry hair who don't want to damage their hair even more. The Izunami ceramic hair straighteners glide over hair easily, making the hair straightening process pleasant without burning or pulling the hair.

Ideal for straightening and curling the hair

The Izunami Flat Iron is ideal for straightening and curling your hair, this is handy for several reasons: The multi-use iron saves money as there's no need to purchase an additional hair curler, when travelling the iron will take up less packaging room as you only need to carry one hair styling tool and if using the iron to curl your hair, when a mistake is made the hair can be quickly straightened and re-curled without changing utensils.

Izunami also offers wet to dry hair straighteners

Izunami also offers wet to dry models that steam dry your hair to lock in natural moisture and softness. As well as straightening and curling these ceramic hair straighteners can dry your hair also, meaning they can do three jobs in one! This also reduces hair damage as it combines the hair drying and straightening resulting in less heat imposed on the hair. Drying and straightening your hair simultaneously means hair styling time is cut in half, making them perfect for women with busy lives.

Shop online to find the best deals on the Izunami Flat Iron

Shopping online for Izunami Flat Irons can save you money as you can find special deals and compare prices of the model quickly and with ease. Many retailers launch their sales online before in the stores so it is worth searching for flat irons on sale before heading to the mall. Internet retailers can also offer products cheaper than actual stores as they don't have as many overheads, enabling them to pass on cheaper product prices to their customers.

Where to find the best deals online

Izunami Flat Iron deals and promotions can easily be found online:

    Checkout the Izunami website for any current sales or offers
    Larger chains that sell the product such as or Amazon, often sell authentic goods at cheaper prices than the actual brand itself.
    Another good idea would be to check out group offer websites such as Groupon and browse its daily deals for the Izunamis.